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Remodeling a Small Kitchen
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Kitchen designs of small kitchen renovation or small kitchen remodeling Kitchen designs of small kitchen renovation or small kitchen remodeling
How did we create more SPACE?
1. Added Extra Wall Units For Packing

2. Added Microwave Unit

3. Added Bookshelf Wall Unit

4. Added Aluminium Doors With Frosted Glass Wall Units

5. Added End Display Wall Unit

6. Built Fridge Casing With Wall Unit
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Before we renovated this little kitchen our client ask us how she could create more packing space and utilize the kitchen better. We simply said "Add more wall units". Simple as that. So we added a bookshelf, microwave unit, two aluminium glass door units, a fridge wall unit and a wall unit that will cover the ugly electrical DV board while at the same time can be used to pack items in.

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Remodeling a small kitchen
It's always great when remodelling a big kitchen with lots of packing and moving space but what if you have a small kitchen to remodel? Can it still be practical and functional? The answer is yes!
U - shape kitchens have the most packing and countertop space while L - shape kitchens have the most moving space. If the floor plan is big enough you can even place a island in the middle of the kitchen for additional storage and work space. These style kitchens can only be used if you have a small to medium size kitchen.

Supa small but supa functional

Let's start by remodelling a very small kitchen. If we can make this size kitchen work most other sizes should work too. Ok...what must we have in a kitchen? A sink cabinet, oven, fridge and also cabinets for storage space.

Small kitchen sink cabinet

Let's start with the sink cabinet. The minimum size you can make a sink cabinet in width is 500mm so we will make our sink cabinet exactly that. In the design where we are remodelling a small kitchen you will see that the sink cabinet is at the end of the row cabinets far away from the hob. Remember that water and electricity aren't friends so keep the water away from the hob. Companies like Franke have come out with a sink that has a hob attached to it but they make sure their sinks are water tight to do that.

Small kitchen oven cabinet

People remodeling their kitchen allot of the times use eye level ovens instead of under counter ovens. They are allot more expensive and you will have to build a tall cabinet to fit them into but these cabinets can create more space in your kitchen. A small kitchen like we have here on the other hand will have to be fitted with a under counter oven. You can either choose a 900mm or 600mm
wide cabinet. Most under counter ovens are standard 600mm high. The little front that goes at the bottom under the oven is 100mm high by 596mm wide. The reason you don't make it 600mm wide is because you want to have a 4mm space between the oven front and the door next to it.

Small kitchen fridge

A fridge cabinet in which to place your fridge would probably have been a good idea when remodelling a small kitchen like the one we have here but I decided to be a bit creative. You can just place a fridge in the gap you left for it and use the top of the fridge as packing space. Your small kitchen will actually have more packing space if you leave the cabinet on top of the fridge out because the fridge surface is allot bigger and the cabinet you will have to build will only be 300mm deep allowing for ventilation.

Small kitchen storage space

Because this kitchen is so small you will have to use all the storage options you can when remodelling the kitchen. You can pack pots and other kitchen accessories on top of the wall units if the base of the item isn't bigger than 300mm. The wall of the small kitchen is also a great place to hang items onto. If you have limited space to move in certain areas of the small kitchen and still want to utilize the wall space you've got you can hang items that don't stick out so far. The breadboard above the sink is an example of a solution for that problem. Above the hob I fitted a spice rack full of spices that not only makes them easily accessible but is also not in the way and doesn't take up any space. Think of how you can utilize the walls you have before you start remodeling your small kitchen. Plan it carefully. If you do you will see that it will make your time spent in a kitchen much more enjoyable.

Remember, this was a very small kitchen I designed and it came out beautifully. Not only that, it was functional and practical to work in.

If you have any questions about remodeling a small kitchen please send me an e-mail. I would love to help you find solutions.

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