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Kitchen cabinet hardware can work out to be very expensive but there are brands like Ferrari that has a wide variaty of hardware that is cost effective and very good quality as well.

Kitchen Cupboard Hardware

The hardware you use for your drawers and doors are very important as
this will determine the life span of the kitchen. If you use products like
Blum, Mepla and Ferrari your cupboard doors and drawer fronts are not
likely to come loose from the carcass side or the drawer itself. 

Now don't get me wrong just because the hinge is falling of the cabinet doesn't mean the hinge isn't a quality hinge. Many kitchen contractors don't fix the the hinge securely to the side of the carcass and that's one of the

main reasons the kitchen cupboard hinge comes loose from it. If you
look closely to most cabinet hinges you will see that it doesn't only have 
two holes to secure it to a carcass but three. The hole in the middle of the
hinge plate is also used to secure it. If you didn't know this it would be so
easy to miss it because the hinge itself slides over the part of the fixing
plate where the third screw goes.

So when it comes to using screws for your kitchen cupboard hardware
what screws can you use to fix a kitchen cabinet hinge with? One of
the most common and effective screws to use is a euro screw. The
diameter of the euro screw is 5mm. It's the same size most kitchen 
companies make the holes for their shelf studs and the hole for the one 
part of the cam which is used to assemble the cabinet with. I personally
find the Blum hinge' euro screw to work the best. When you adjust the
door of the cabinet up or down the Blum hinge' fixing plate moves slowly
allowing you to adjust with precision. If you are using the euro screw to
fix your diy kitchen cupboard doors with then you won't need to use the 
third hole in the the middle of the hinge to make sure it's secure. Euro
screws go deep into the side of the diy cupboard carcass making sure the
hinge won't pull loose. Although the euro screw screws into a 5mm hole
it doesn't mean you must turn it as tight as you can. You can still strip the
hole into which the thread turns. If you striped the hole you can use a 
6x30mm chipboard screw to fix the kitchen cupboard hinge to the carcass
side. Don't use the normal 6x16mm  chipboard screw because the hole
in which you will be screwing it will be striped. Also make sure that if you
use a 6x30mm chipboard screw that there is either a panel next to the 
cabinet's side or another cabinet next to it to screw the 6x30mm into.
If you don't place a cupboard next to that side or a panel you will be able
to see the screw when you screw it through the side of the carcass.

The quality of kitchen cupboard hardware is very important as this will
determine how long your doors will hang on the cabinets and how long
your drawers will carry their contents before it caves it. So having said that
don't take shortcuts with your hardware but use the best. After all you are
buying a kitchen that cost you allot of money and you don't want 
something like a door falling of the cabinet spoil your dream kitchen.
Buy quality kitchen hardware

Did you know that the average cabinet door is opened 1460 times per year so it's best that have good quality hardware.

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