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franke sinks and mixers  Give your bathroom a glamorous touch with a stylish bathroom tap and quality acrylic products.
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Franke is a well established
company which has provided
excellent service and quality
products for many years .
Their extensive range of 
products is at a level of its own
and they are constantly 
researching the kitchen 
industry to invent new
products to make your time
spent in the kitchen more 
enjoyable and practical.
Franke has such a wide range of kitchen sinks and mixer that there is a
solution for every kitchen. Their sinks have all sorts of accessories that make
working in the kitchen such a pleasure. Their cutting boards and plastic
inserts fit perfectly into one another into the sinks and prep bowls. This
allows you to rinse your fruits and vegetable before you cut them on your 
cutting board and throw the remaining peels into the insert to be disperse  of
when you're done. They also have a wide range of mixers to choose from.All
Franke's mixers and sinks fit perfectly with diy kitchen cupboards.
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