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Our Kitchen Designs Services

We provide design services to clients in Cape Town, Gauteng, Pretoria, 
Westgate, Bloemfontein, Durban and all areas in South Africa.
We offer this service to clients that don't have any idea where to start as
well as to those who have an idea in mind but just need to convert it into a
photo realistic picture. 
What we need from our clients to do a design: > Floor plan of kitchen, bathroom or bedroom with dimensions ( Dimensions includes: Ceiling height, windows and doors dimensions etc) > Rough sketch of where their cupboards, fridge, sink etc. must be positioned > Desired finishes of kitchen doors, panels and counter tops. What are our kitchen design fees? > R399 per hour (Kitchen Designs fee is reimbursed on acceptance of quotation) >
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Kichen Designs - Kitchen cupboard island in royal cherry melamine with rustenburg granite - Kitchen Designs of Photos

Kitchen cupboard designs can be a difficult task. There are a few things you need to know and look out for when designing a kitchen.

1.Measure the height of the ceiling
2.Measure the length of each wall
3.Measure the distance of the wall to the window
4.Measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the window.
5.Measure the width and height of each door and window.
6.Measure the distance from the wall to the water point and waste pipe for the sink
7.Measure the distance from the wall to the fridge plug point.
8.Measure the distance from the wall to the oven plug point.
9.Measure the distance from the washing machine,dishwasher or tumble dryer plug point
   to the wall.
10.Measure everything again to be sure you made no mistakes.
The working triangle in the kitchen
A look at the designs of the floor plan
In the floor plan above you will notice that the sink,fridge and  oven is placed in a
triangular position. Why?Well because if you are washing the dishes or getting 
a snack out the fridge you don't want to bother the person cooking by the oven.
Let's look at the 10 points on diy kitchen designs mentioned above.

1. Measure the height of the ceiling

The roof height of the kitchen is important because this will determine how high your actual
kitchen will be.A kitchen is normally between 2100mm and 2450mm in height. The higher the 
broom cupboard of a kitchen is the higher the wall unit will be. After all,you don't want the wall
unit to look out of proportion hanging high up in the air.
Many cabinetmakers measure from the floor to under the cornice of the roof. This measurement
will work when designing a kitchen or you can measure from the floor to the ceiling. But before
you do the designing of the kitchen make sure your topfiller(the piece of wood that closes the 
gap between the top of your wall unit and the roof)is at least 20mm bigger than the cornice
in the corner of your roof. I make my topfiller 150mm high that way I know my cupboards will 
always fit. Plus designing a kitchen with a low topfiller almost looks as if you ran out of space
on the wall but made the cupboard fit.

2. Measure the lenght of each wall 

Another factor to look at with diy kitchen cupboard designs is how long the walls are that you
can work with. The longer the kitchen walls are the better. This means that you can place more
kitchen units in the kitchen when designing it, making it more functional.If you've measured
the walls of the kitchen correctly the designing of the kitchen will be a breeze. Take a look
at the figure below before we continue.
measuring up the walls

Back already!!!Great!
You will notice in the designing of this diy kitchen that I made the measurement at the top 
end of the door 2195mm and at the bottom 2200mm. This is not far of from the real deal. 
Always remember that all wall a,roofs and floors are always skew. This is why it's so 
important before designing a kitchen to make sure all your measurements are correct.If you 
place a floor unit in the design of a kitchen it might not make a difference but it if you place a 
tall unit next to the door in a kitchen you might see very clearly that the door is skew.

3. Measure the distance of the wall to the window

This procedure is exactly the same as the one we just did in the previous step. In the
floor planin the first design of a kitchen you will see that the window is 700mm away from 
the wall. Remember to measure the top distance between the window and the wall as well 
as the bottom distance between the window and the wall. Designing a kitchen with clear 
measurements also makes it easier to build when the designing is done.

4. Measure the distance from floor to bottom of window.

Measure the height of the window by measuring the distance between the floor and the 
bottom of the window. The countertop height in a kitchen is normally 900mm but cabinet 
makers do make them higher.
DIY Kitchen designs with low windows is in fashion these days. Just make sure when 
designing the kitchen that you don't place kitchen units in front of the window. Place your 
kitchen units either next to the window or under it.

5. Measure width and height of each door and window.

The reason why this is so important to do is because you want to determine the height under
which you are going to place a kitchen wall unit and how far from the corner of the wall you
are going to fix it. Before designing a kitchen you want to have the measurements accurate.
After all, It doesn't matter how great the design of the kitchen came out,if your measurements
are wrong you can not build that which you designed.

6. Measure distance from wall to water point and waste
pipe for the sink

The tap which gets fitted on the diy kitchen sink unit must be in the middle of the kitchen 
unit. So the flex pipe that connects to the tap has to be able to reach the tap.That is if you 
are going to use flex pipe. Allot of plumbers also use copper pipe in a kitchen.Copper pipe 
is allot stronger than flex pipe but you need to weld the pipe with a portable blowtorch and 
not all cabinetmakers happen to have one of those laying around. When designing a kitchen 
make sure you measure the length from the wall to the water point and waste as well as the 
height at which the points sit on the wall from a kitchen floor.

7. Measure the distance from the wall to the fridge plug point.
8. Measure the distance from the wall to the oven plug point.
9. Measure the distance from the washing machine,dishwasher or tumble 
    dryer plug point to the wall.

Follow the same procedure as what you did in step 6 but remember to make sure that the 
fridge plug sits at least 1000mm above the floor. When designing a kitchen you can even 
place it 1300mm of the floor.This is probably a more suitable measurement. A oven plug 
point as well as all your appliances plug points must be under a height of 870mm. When 
designing a kitchen I place my points under 600mm then I know they won't be in the way 
of fitting other kitchen units.

10. Measure everything again

If you're not sure about a measurement in your diy kitchen designs measure again. It 
sounds like double the  work to but if you've finished designing the kitchen,assembled the 
kitchen units and installed them and realized they don't fit,you will spend 4x more time 
cutting down the units not to mention the doors to make them fit.


Look 4 designs - Interior designs

Free 3D design software is a website that supplies free 3D kitchen design software. I used Kitchen Draw to do all the designs on my entire website. When I say free I mean they give you 30 free hours to use the program free of charge and you can do a lot of designing in 30 hours. The average size kitchen consisting of about 15 - 20 cupboards takes about an hour to design with KitchenDraw. I've been using this design software for about 5 years now so I can do a kitchen in about 15 minutes, if I move it!!

KitchenDraw is so user-friendly and can be used by beginners and professional kitchen designers. If you use certain size cabinets you can customize the cabinets in KitchenDraw to your sizes. If you want to make up a special cabinet you can build it panel for panel and still render it 3D with color and all. It took me about 2 month to design a kitchen properly and about a year to know most of the ins and outs of this design software. Another feature that makes it really superior to other kitchen design programs is the views you get when looking out the kitchen windows. You can choose sea views, garden views or a view looking out on Italy.

What I like most about KitcheDraw is how easy it is to import kitchen cupboards into the floor plan All you have to do is drag and drop it. You can also download catalogues from and import your own melamine, veneer and other colors that you choose. There is so much more I can tell you about this design software but what I'm really trying to say is " KitchenDraw " is the Ferrari of kitchen design programs. Go check it out it's a huge advantage to your business.

Why 3D Design Programs?

More and more kitchen companies are buying kitchen design software.

This helps you to see what the design of your kitchen is going to look like as well as where you can make changes before you build your kitchen. Designing a kitchen with design software is also important because it shows you what kitchen cabinets can actually fit into a kitchen. Many times people come to me with a great design but when I place all the cabinet they've chosen into the floor plan of the designing program they don't fit in. A kitchen designing program also works all your cabinets out to scale in 3D as well as 2D and renders it in a photo realistic picture that looks as if a photographer took a photo after the kitchen has been built. So before you spend R30000 on a new kitchen make sure you know what it's going to look like first. Even if you're planning to use a DIY system to do it yourself it's still best to get a floor plan and 3D layout. It will be much easier to build with plans you can refer to every time you get stuck.

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