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Cherry Royal Melamine Bedroom Cupboards

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Bedroom Cupboards Project Info

The bedroom cupboards to the left in the photo consists of 2 x combo units, 1x wall unit and a mirror with dresser.


The bedroom cupboards are finished in royal cherry melamine with 3mm impact edging and fitted with 200mm stainless steel bar handles.

Our built in bedroom cupboards in the picture above is built with royal cherry melamine chipboard and the doors are edged with 3mm impact edging. If you have a flat or house you're going to rent out it's best to use a more durable edging like impact edging. The price you're paying for impact edging it's well worth it. You'll pay roughly R60 per door(2200x500mm) more. So if you have a 4 doors bedroom cupboards you'll pay R240 more. Unlike impact edging normal pvc edging peels loose after a while. Specially when you have tenants staying in your flat or house.

Our client requested that we ad a dressing table to the built in cupboard here with a mirror. It's quite handy to have a dresser if there is limited space in the bedroom. A drawer can also be added to the dressing table if requested and is handy to store hairdryers, combs and hairbrushes in.

We could've made the mirror of the dresser to go all the way to the top of the bedroom cupboard and installed a bulkhead but our client needed space so we added a wall unit for extra storage.
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