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Your Indoor Air Quality Is Worse Than You Thought



Indoor air quality is really important. Many people believe that their indoor air is better than the outdoor air because there is less pollution. However, the lack of ventilation, especially during the winter, causes a home to become musty. The poor quality air is linked to various health problems, including blocked sinuses and breathing issues.

The good news is you can do something about it. You can improve your home's air quality relatively easily; and it doesn't mean freezing during the winter! Here are a few tips to follow.

No Smoking Indoors

Make it a rule that there is to be no smoking in the house. This is really important to keep the air quality as fresh as possible. Avoid smoking in the house even if you are by an open door or window. The smoke will still blow back into the house and affect the area indoors. Close the door behind you when you go outside for your cigarette, cigar or pipe.

It's not just smoking that causes problems. Soot-producing items, such as the fireplace, and candles also cause indoor air quality to become poor. Limit the use as much as possible, even during the winter months when it is getting cold!

Keep the Humidity to a Minimum

If the humidity is high, you will suffer from a variety of problems. This is the perfect environment for bacteria, dust and mould spores. It doesn't take a lot of reduce the humidity in the home; you could buy a dehumidifier for the rooms. Portable ones are beneficial if you move between rooms often.

When having a shower, make sure you turn on the exhaust fans. Without these, the mist will remain in the room and create a breeding ground for all the things that you don't want. Opening a window isn't enough for this but if you don't have a fan, and can't place one in the home, it is better than nothing.

Keep Your Home Clean

No, you don't have to make it spotless but a regular vacuum and cleaning various floors and worktops is really good for improving your air quality indoors. This prevents dust mites and mould spores developing anywhere. Both of these will lead to poor air quality and mould can be extremely dangerous to the health.

If you have a pet, you will need to clean your home on a more regular basis. Animal hairs, flees and the things pulled in from the garden are all linked to poor air quality.

It is best to use vacuum cleaners that have HEPA bags. These stop the dust from being pushed back out of the suction and going back into the air!

Wash Your Pillows and Duvets Often

It's amazing how many people forget about their pillows and duvets. Just because they are covered most of the time doesn't mean they are clean. Dust collects on them all the time, along with other bacteria and particles. It's really important to wash them on a regular basis. Buy pillows that can be machine-washed to help limit the amount of dry cleaning that needs doing.

The only item that you may have trouble with is your duvet. It may be too large for your washing machine. Instead, send it into a dry cleaners or go to a Laundromat with a larger device. This should be done once a month, at least, to help limit the amount of dust that collects on it.

Check and Replace Air Filters

Air filters will get dirty. They're designed to help improve the air quality but when they're dirty, they do the exact opposite. Check them every three months or so to make sure they are still clean and run a cleaner over them if you need to. When they need replacing, do it as soon as possible to avoid any lasting effects.

It's not just the air filters, though. You will need to check your whole AC and heating unit. Leaks can occur in either of these and they will affect the air quality. Check that the filter is attached to your AC unit correctly too, to avoid problems-not just with the air quality!

Protect Your Home from Pests

Mice, roaches and other vermin and pets bring all sorts into your home. They are linked to poor air quality and health issues, like asthma. Protect your home and keep them away as much as possible. Never leave food out, take the trash out regularly and make sure the dirty dishes are washed. If you see any evidence of anything, make sure you follow the steps to evict them from your home!

Poor air quality can lead to many health problems. You don't have to suffer with it, though. Following the above steps will help you live allergen free and happy.

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