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Top Ideas for a Luxury En-Suite



Top Ideas for a Luxury En-Suite

There are many options available to you if you’re designing a luxury en-suite bathroom. Depending on how much space you have, you can invest resources into a high quality shower enclosure, or into a large tub that can be combined with other bathroom features. At the same time, though, it’s possible to invest in traditional Victorian and Edwardian suites, as well as in wet rooms and hi-tech bathrooms with advanced home technologies. What are some of the special features of these bathrooms, and what makes them special for a luxury en-suite?

Shower Enclosures

Again, how much space you have in your en-suite will make a difference as to how you can experiment with shower enclosures. In terms of luxury, though, you can make your bathroom more luxurious by investing in enclosures with specially thickened glass and frameless structures; this can be a good idea if you want to show off the quality of your shower doors and screens, and can be combined with fine granite and bespoke tiling to create a distinctive en-suite.


Luxury bath tubs can be another good idea if you’re trying to create a comfortable en-suite. Claw foot tubs can be placed in the centre of a room, and can be matched to other luxurious items like chandeliers and fire places. If you have an open plan en-suite that features large windows and private views, then you can go for deeper tubs that allow you to look out into your garden and the surrounding area while relaxing; make sure that you can draw the curtains, though, if anyone’s walking past in the distance.

Victorian & Edwardian Suites

Another option to try for a luxury suite, Victorian and Edwardian styled bathrooms can involve using traditional fixtures and a cluttered effect for your en-suite; this can include investing in claw foot tubs with shower attachments, as well as washbasins, close coupled toilets with a flush chain, and high quality pedestals and bidets for the rest of a bathroom. Marble and chrome materials can help to add some contemporary finishes to your suite.

Wet Rooms

Converting or building an en-suite bathroom as a wet room can allow you to enjoy a luxurious shower; a walk in shower can be created, with the whole room in effect becoming a shower enclosure with waterproofed walls, ceilings, and floors. You can also invest in underfloor heating and high quality shower heads and multiple jets - see wet room specialists for more information.

Hi-Tech Suites

You can also go for a more hi-tech approach to your en-suite, which can involve fitting media stations in your bath; this can include tablets with splash proof coverings, as well as hi-tech toilets with bidet jets, heated seats, and self cleaning sensors. It’s also possible to invest in programmable LED lighting for an en-suite bathroom, as well as in underwater speakers, which can allow you to continue enjoying music when you’re enjoying a bath.

Author Bio

John Barratt is a freelance writer with interests in interior decoration and antique furniture. He recommends using if you want to know more about luxury enclosures and wet rooms.

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