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Top 5 Care and Maintenance Tips for Tulle Fabric



There aren't too many events in the lives of adults that call for the use of tulle fabric. This fluffy confection of a textile is most often used to create diaphanous and ethereal gowns, so the only occasions for which you might reasonably wear such a dress are your wedding day, a gala event, a night at the opera, or Halloween. If you happen to attend a lot of high-class events, however, you could end up with some tulle in your closet. More likely, though, you'll have daughters who take ballet or you'll use this fancy fabric for your holiday cor, just for example. The long and short of it is that although you may not have a lot of use for tulle in your life, you'll have to take care of the gowns and decor that do feature such finery. And since tulle is so delicate, you need to take great care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it. Here are a few handy tips to help you out.

Hand wash. In truth, there is nothing to stop you from machine washing tulle, so long as you use a gentle setting and cool water. However, even the gentle cycle may be too harsh for delicate tulle, and if it gets snagged on something during the wash cycle it will surely be ruined. If you want to preserve your garments your best bet is to find an appropriate cleanser, one that is mild enough for the fabric, and wash them by hand.

Hang dry. Many newer dryers come with myriad options, including those that dry on low heat or cooler fluff-dry settings. However, even more gentle settings may not be enough to protect your tulle from damage. Since tulle is so lightweight, it will quickly dry in the air anyway, so why would you risk it tearing or becoming brittle by putting it in the dryer?

Avoid intense heat. Because tulle is a synthetic fabric, you don't have to worry about it shrinking in the washer or dryer. But because it is so delicate, extreme heat can still damage it, nonetheless. It can easily be burned, melted, or become dry and brittle when exposed to heat. It is for this reason that you should wash it in cool water and avoid blasting it with hot air. You'll also want to steer clear of ironing, so it's lucky that tulle doesn't wrinkle easily. If it's been in storage for a while, however, simply spritz it with some water from a spray bottle, fluff it, and let it dry to remove any wrinkles.

Avoid dry cleaning. Most people don't have tons of time to spend on finicky laundry, but you don't want to take tulle to dry cleaners. Although they won't hit your fabric with heat, they will expose it to harsh chemicals, which could be just as damaging. For the same reason you'll probably want to avoid bleach. If your tulle somehow gets stained, rub it gently with soap and water until the stain comes or try a product designed to treat stains.

Storage guidelines. Tulle that is stored flat or compressed may not rebound easily, and since the main appeal of the fabric lies in its buoyancy, your best option to maintain its appearance and keep it looking like new is to hang it in a place where it has plenty of room to breathe.

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