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Top 5 Bathroom Revamp Trends



Far from just being a place to wash each day, the humble bathroom is becoming a luxurious room to relax in after a long and tiring day at work. The days of basic small washrooms with just a few necessities are over, with bathrooms around the world now being revamped to ensure they are a deluxe and comfortable room to retreat to.

With our homes becoming more functional and trendy each day, it is no wonder that bathrooms are now one of the main focuses when it comes to giving a house a little revamp and fitting them with state of the art products and features.

With this in mind, Hunters Leeds have checked out some of the most popular trends currently taking place in bathrooms nationwide:

Large Showers

You can wave goodbye to the small, cramped plastic cubicles of yesteryear, when just trying to wash your hair left your elbows arguing with the walls, these days its all about large airy showers.

Homeowners are ripping out their bath in favour of doubling their shower space to make way for the luxuries of wetrooms and rainforest showers. No one wants to feel a gentle trickle sliding down one side of their back, its all about being drenched in a cascade of warm and comforting water, therefore a larger shower is the way forward in 2014.

Underfloor Heating

Although this became popular a while ago, it is now becoming more commonplace in the average bathroom. Gone are the days of tiptoeing across the bathroom floor to avoid leaving the room with freezing cold feet, these days you won't want to leave the warmth that emulates from the floor below.

Underfloor heating is surprisingly easy to fit and is not as expensive as you may think. A great benefit to having it is that once it's warm, it will heat up the rest of the room, meaning there is less need for radiators to be switched on regularly.


No one wants a dark and dingy bathroom, in the mornings you want some where light and airy to get ready, and in the evenings you want to be able to choose the lighting you relax to without being stuck with a single ceiling light.

One way to make a bathroom lighter is to have a skylight installed in the ceiling - this way the morning light will pour in, leaving you feeling wide awake and ready for the day ahead. A very popular lighting choice for bathrooms at the moment is spotlights - these can be dotted around your ceilings to provide individually lit areas and even come with a dimmer switch.

Doubling Up

For the modern couple, a new trend that is taking hold involves individual sinks. For those who like their own personal space when it comes to the bathroom, having a double sink can be the perfect luxury for new age couples.

If you have the space, having two separate sinks can really give your bathroom a deluxe look and feel, as well as being hygienic and practical. If you want to go a step further, you can also now get two shower heads for your newly enlarged shower cubicle.

Smart Storage

With the ever increasing shelves of toiletries available, for both men and women, it can often be hard to find enough storage space to put everything. If you only have one bathroom and regularly have guests staying, its nice to be able to keep your personal things tucked away.

Draws, cabinets and towers are becoming very popular to ensure that there is somewhere easy to store everything from the hand soap, to the pile of clean towels - not forgetting shavers, straightening irons and make up.

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