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Fencing costs can vary greatly based on location, type of material, contractor experience, size of the job and other factors that may be identified during the process. Luckily, this guide will determine the typical fence costs of various materials per linear foot to install and the benefits of each fence type. Fencing Material Types There are a variety of materials that can be used for a new fence including: Aluminum Chain link Cover Vinyl Wood Wrought iron Aluminum The average cost of aluminum materials per linear foot ranges from $13 to $20 with a labor cost varying from $15 to $30. The total price with installation is $28 to $50. Aluminum fences do not rust, are low maintenance, offer high security, can adjust to the slope of the land and are aesthetically-pleasing.

Chain Link The standard total cost for a chain link fence ranges from $11 to $22 with a price of $5 to $10 for materials and $6 to $12 for installation. Chain link fences are advantageous due to their security, safety, durability, ease of repair and maintenance and fairly low cost. Cover Covering over fences can be a significant cost savings over replacing a segment or entirely damaged fence. The cost can range from $50 to $300 for the entire roll of material. Installation costs are not needed because the covered fence can be easily installed. A covered fence provides the benefits of a cost savings while still maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Vinyl The total cost of a vinyl fence ranges from $23 to $41 with $9 to $18 in materials and $14 to $23 in labor.

Vinyl fences are almost five times as strong as wood, can be easily maintained, are able to uphold the strongest weather conditions and are easy to install thus decreasing costs. Wood There are two types of wood fences, pressure-treated pine and exotic wood. Pressure-treated pine is significantly less expensive than the exotic wood charging between $20 to $41 in total cost ($8 to $19 for materials and $12 to $22 for labor). Exotic wood ranges from $25 to $30 in materials, $15 to $25 in labor for a total of $40 to $55 per linear square foot. Wood fencing offers the advantages of making a home look brand new, offer a classic look, are some of the most affordable fences and environmentally friendly.

Wrought Iron Finally, wrought iron fence costs range from $12 to $28 for materials and $16 to $39 for fence installation costs for a total of $28 to $67 per linear square foot. Wrought iron fencing can be extremely decorative, low maintenance, high level of openness, excellent security and highly durable. John Crater is the marketing and outreach coordinator for Twin City Fence in Little Rock Arkansas.

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