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How to properly install floor insulation



If you are living in a cold place or you are anticipating winter in your area, then you should never forget to add floor insulation in your home. Especially on winter when the weather is unbearably cold, floor insulation can save you from a lot of discomfort and inconveniences. Since floor insulation can prevent cold draft from entering your home and make sure that warm air will not escape from your room, you will be able to stay comfortable and cozy. Not to mention how much energy and money you can save from having a floor insulator.
With these things in mind, you should have floor insulation installed in your home. If you don't know how to install it, then you are in good hands. In this blog post, let us go through the basic steps on how to properly install floor insulation.
Prepare your floor
The main area where insulation will be installed is the joist bays, which are the spaces between floor joists. Therefore, you need to expose the joist bays for easy installation of the insulating material.
Prepare the materials and yourself
Primarily, the insulating material to be used is fiberglass insulation. You need to equip yourself with dust mask, gloves, and safety goggles. You need to wear long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans as well. Cover your whole body as necessary since fiberglass materials can irritate the skin and respiratory tract.
Cut the fiberglass insulation
Depending upon the open space size of your joist bay, you need to trim the fiberglass accordingly with a utility knife. Push the cut fiber insulation piece into the rim joist (which is the joist that runs along the side and top of a house's foundation. You need to push the fiber insulation piece, but do not compress it since compressing will decrease its effectiveness.
Positioning the fiberglass insulation
You need to add paper-backed insulation as well that will run across a joist bay from one joist of a rim to the other end. The amount of insulation pieces will depend upon the size of your floor. You need to place the insulation piece with the paper facing towards the inside of your home. When the paper is facing the interior of your house, insulation will effectively act as a moisture barrier to keep the cold outside of your home.
Work the insulation around obstacles
Understandably, the joist bay will also have other materials attached to it such as piping, electric wiring, and heating ducts. Always aim to place the insulation piece between these materials. It is okay to cut slits to the insulation piece to make room for the foreign objects. The water pipes should have special consideration as well so that it will have some insulation during the winter.
Secure the insulation pieces
Use nails and wires to secure the insulation pieces. Place the nail 24 inches apart each other. Make sure that the wires will not compress the fiber.
Follow these steps when you install insulation fibers. Make sure that you properly follow each step to avoid future problems.
Tania Miner the author of this post works for Ocean Pavers - experts in Los Angeles paver installation. On weekends, Tania volunteers as a coach for his daughter's high school hockey team.

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