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7 Ways to Make More of your Bathroom



Your bathroom can be a real gem in the home and we've got a number of tips to make it just that. So, let's take a look at how to make more of your bathroom.

1. Introduce good lighting.

You need to be invited into your bathroom, not turned away by a dull bathroom. You can buy extra lighting to make sure you have a lot of light for you to see and maybe even brighten your mood when you have had a bad day. You can buy LED lights that are the most modern bright light that is also efficient for your energy bill.

2. Use a bright color of paint.

Another bathroom improvement that is the most wallet-friendly is a fresh coat of paint, preferably a light colored paint. You can brighten things up in your bathroom with just a gallon of light colored paint and one or two afternoons of free time. We offer all you need at best at hire if you wish to rent any times and can assure you that the light color will help bring a smile to your face and brighten the room.

3. Make Mirrors out of your walls.

If you r bathroom seems too small, you may be able to make the bathroom appeal larger and brighter with the use of mirrors - like an optical illusion. You can begin by going out and buying a large or over-sized mirror to put over your sink. Then you can go and buy smaller mirror to place around your bathroom to add to the light, decoration, and size of the room.

4. Go soft with towels.

You can buy large, plush towels to create the spa setting of comfort that you also wanted. You will be more relaxed when drying off with a quality towel than a cheap one that hardly dries you off. With quality towel, you also do not have to dread the cold in the winter and the warmth that they provide in the summer will relax your sore muscles.

5. Go soft with the rugs.

You can also buy plush rugs to go on the floor in front of your toilet and sink, allowing your feet to be comfortable it the winter if the tile is cold and in the summer, massaging your feet after a long day. These rugs can also be placed to add to the design of your bathroom by creating a fresh touch to the room.

6. Unclutter the room.

One thing that is definitely not inviting is a cluttered counter top with all of your supplies and personal items. You can buy or make a cabinet area where you can put them. The things that you no longer use, throw away so you have more space. Try and keep the floor uncluttered also from dirty clothes and towels. This will make the room look a lot more inviting, especially when you are not tripping and falling on your clothes or towels that could be put in a dirty clothes basket.

7. Include something "you".

Add a special touch to your bathroom to make it the most inviting to you. Try to think of an unexpected thing that you would not normally have in a bathroom. If you can, try it. If you cannot, you can try an antique of some kind, a chandelier, a weird painting, or even a fireplace mantle over your toilet. This makes the room more "you" thus more inviting to you.

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