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5 Bathroom fittings that can cut your water usage



Cutting down your water usage shouldn't be about going to extraordinary lengths and negotiating in the hygiene stakes.
In this guide we look at some of the widely available bathroom fittings that can save you a whole heap of water in just one day.

5. Pipes

Whilst pipes are probably not considered as an official fitting in the bathroom, they are very important in maintaining water using efficiency. To put this into perspective, a household with a leaking toilet can waste anything up to 16,000 litres of water per year! (Sydney Water 2013). This is in addition to the wide range of problems that even the smallest of leaks can cause.
So check your pipes, even if they are relatively inaccessible (under the bath, for example), and double check the insulated pipes, as the coverings that surround them can hide many a leakage.

4. Showerheads

Showers account for the biggest use of water in the average UK household (The Guardian, 2013), so ensuring that your shower is super efficient should be at the top of your to do list. You can do this by simply fitting a water efficient shower head, which are relatively inexpensive. These can make a saving of 120 litres of water for a shower of 8 minutes; for the average household, this can account for a saving of 14,500 litres of water per year!

3. Taps

The average bathroom tap expels between 15 to 18 litres each and every minute; this can really add up if your household is one that leaves the taps running whilst brushing their teeth. By replacing your taps with water efficient ones, you can whittle this figure down to a mere 2 litres per minute!

2. Toilets

Toilets can be sometimes overlooked when thinking about water use in the average home, however they can actually account for anything up to 30% of your total water usage(Waterwise 2014). For new build properties, building regulations now dictate that toilets should be dual flush, and with good reason. By switching from a traditional, to a dual flush toilet you can reduce the amount your toilet uses by some 6.5 litres per flush.

1. Hot water diverter

Hot water diverters can be used to save water throughout the house, not just in the bathroom. They help you save that water that is running whilst you're waiting for the hotter water to come through; this ensures that you no longer waste what is, after all, perfect quality drinking water.

A hot water diverter can redirect this wasted water into places such as water tanks (for example, the rain water tanks that are found outside in a garden) or, in the more sophisticated of systems, can be redirected straight back into your water system.

By ensuring that your bathroom fittings are working at their most efficient, you can ensure that you're household isn't paying over the odds for their water usage; and additionally, the small steps towards fully fledged eco warrior will make you feel great!

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